About us

We are unique among private equity firms in our market. From our source of capital to how we partner with businesses, we bring a more personal, relationship-based approach to our investments.

Krystal was formed in 2004 by Terry Holland following his departure from Trimin Capital Corp. Terry’s goal was to continue on with Trimin’s successful investment approach by investing his own capital with like-minded investment and operating partners. After years of growth in the investment portfolio, Terry brought on Constantine Hatzipanayis in 2010. Shortly thereafter Paul Clinton became an active investment partner, participating in the bulk of Krystal’s investment activities and bringing strategic and operating insight to our investments. Five years later, due to continued growth in portfolio activity, Jeff Mayhew joined the group as an analyst. Today Krystal is focused on mid- to later-stage equity or equity-like investments, including buyout transactions where we purchase 80% to 100% of a business from a founder/owner seeking to exit, but also including minority investments in businesses seeking to bring on a partner to help them grow and/or strengthen their business. Core to our approach is a philosophy of partnership, where management, employees and shareholders all participate in the success of the business in a meaningful way. As investment managers, we strive to add value to experienced management teams through participation in strategy, financing and capital budgeting decisions. Together the Krystal team brings over 60 years of experience to their business partnerships.

Why choose Krystal?

We are one of very few professional private equity firms focused on the lower mid-market in Western Canada. Most private equity firms are focused on businesses with revenues greater than $40 million.

As your investment partner, or as the new owner of your business, we bring direct experience in BC's mid-market, enabling us to advise on strategic and financing issues in a way that other firms can't. It takes years of experience working in this space to understand the unique challenges that mid-market businesses face.

We’re not structured as a typical private equity fund - we invest our own capital and work with a network of investment partners that have substantial entrepreneurial and investment experience. As a result, we have no fixed timelines for exit and no rigid investment criteria. We believe the focus should be on building long-term, sustainable value, and if done properly, opportunities for exit or other strategic alternatives will arise over time.

We're flexible with our ownership structures. For example, while we're very comfortable acquiring 100% of your business, in the right circumstances we’re a perfect solution for management teams and ownership groups that would like to retain control of the business while bringing in a partner to help them pursue growth initiatives.

We invite you to contact us as we think that once you meet us in person and get a good sense of who we are and how we operate, you’ll find it easy to differentiate us from the alternatives available to you.

Latest News

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